Metro Promo Concepts or MPC, is a partner company of Metro Incorporated, a manufacturing and exporting company in the industry for more than 25 years. MPC began as a provider of marketing and trading solutions focusing on corporate gifts, conceptual branded merchandise, and personalized promotional experiences. Now on its 4th year, it endeavors to provide its patrons with complete client servicing by expanding its activities to include brand activations, booth fabrications, event styling, public relations, and other advertising solutions. 

MPC is widely known for its premium client servicing that begins with innovative and versatile design and product concepts, high-quality production and execution, prompt delivery, to after sales care. 


MPC aims to be the top-of-mind, one stop shop provider of marketing, advertising, trading solutions, and public relations. 


MPC is committed to providing premium client servicing by supplying unique and versatile products and services creatively curated to fit the needs of its clients.


  • Strong in Product Design and Development with 16 designers and graphic artists based in Manila.
  • Prototyping and Sample Making facilities available in both Manila and China.
  • Quality Inspection and Quality Assurance Teams.
  • Product Testing (SGS, FDA, INTERTEK).
  • Working with 20 to 25 active partner factories with a total workforce of approximately 30,000 people.
  • Sample lead time of 7 to 14 days.
  • China Production Lead time of 60 to 75 days; Re-order Lead time of 30 to 45 days.
  • Philippine Production Lead time for furniture is  90 to 120 days;Re-order Lead time of 60 to 75 days.
  • 90% On-time Shipment.
  • Financially Strong and Stable.
  • Global Sourcing.
  • Factory Audit and Factory Evaluation.