Production Monitoring Processes

Factory Evaluation & Global Compliance Audit.

Pre-production meetings (PPM) are held attended by Factory,

Merchandiser, QC / Quality Assurance officer,

Operations & Designers.

Prototype replication by factory.

Yellow Seal Samples.

Timing & Action is established.

Production Plan from the factory is required.

A full-time Production Coordinator is stationed.

Daily Production Reports are submitted.

Weekly Production Reports are submitted.

Performance Measures like OTS or on-time shipment report


Quality Assurance Processes

Quality parameters are clearly defined and established for each product

In-House Quality Testing

Testing Protocol 105-E Level 2 AQL 2.5 is used

Pre-Production meetings (PPM) are conducted based on sealed samples.

Submit to a third party testing like BV / MTL (optional)

Standard inspection Package (SIP) consisting of

- POs and Item Photos

- Item Protocols

- QC Points with Visual Aides

- Packaging and Labeling Instructions

- Test Results

Sealed Sample Approval

Full-time QA team is stationed at the factory

   Quality Control and Inspections with 3 levels of Inspection- INTRO, DUPRO, FRI